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Getting Married at Woodlawn

  • Obtain approval by ministry staff for weddng date.
  • Complete wedding profile form and  read/sign policies & procedures.
  • Turn in $250 deposit and that will secure the date of your wedding on the church calendar.
  • Schedule a time to meet with one of our ministers to discuss premarital counseling.
  • Schedle a meeting with the weddng hostess.

Each couple is required to complete a 6-week premartial couseling class with one of our ministers. There is a $30 fee to cover the cost of counseling materials, ect.

Woodlawn uses Prepare/Enrich inventory to help in marriage preparation. To learn more go to

  • Obtain a marriage license at the County Courthouse with the appropriate amount of time before ceremony. The cost for a marriage license is $71.00. For more information on obtaining a marriage license go to .
  • Woodlawn Baptist Church is a registered provider of Twogether in Texas. By completing premarital counseling with one of our ministers, couples will save $60 on their marriage license. For more information about Twogether in Texas go to

Woodlawn Wedding Fees

To obtain costs of using the facilities for a wedding at Woodlawn Baptist Church, please contact the church office. The amount will be due and payable in the church office at least one week prior to the rehearsal. A deposit of $250.00 will put the date on the calendar.

The Pastor does not charge for his services, however an honorarium is customary.


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General Information

Special rooms will be provided for dressing rooms for the wedding party as requested. Woodlawn Baptist Church will not be responsible for any personal articles lost.

Smoking and alcoholic beverages will not be permitted at any time within the church building. No rice is to be thrown in the buildings or on the walkways.

All floral decorations shall be removed immediately following the ceremony unless arrangements with the church staff have been made.

The church reserves the right to restrict florists who violate the regulations.

If the couple prefers the use of professional consultants these same wedding policies shall be followed. If professional consultants are used for the wedding, their services are to be strictly confined to helping and preparing the bride for the ceremony.

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Music used in connection with the ceremony should be in keeping with the sacredness and dignity of the wedding service. Selection of soloists, organists or pianists is the responsibility of the wedding party. There is an additional fee if the Minister of Music is asked to sing and/or play for the wedding

Sound System

The church will provide a technician to run the church's sound system for weddings. This person will also be at the rehearsal in order to practice with the soloists and to insure proper placement of microphones, monitors, musicians, etc. While a tuxedo will not be required, the technician will dress appropriately for the wedding. All equipment will be returned to its proper place and secured prior to the next service in the church.


Receptions may be held in the Fellowship Center or Great Hall following the ceremony. The church staff will not be responsible for organizing the physical details of the reception. The same policies listed for floral decorations in the worship center shall be followed where applicable in the decoration of the Memorial Building.


Flash photographs may be taken during the processional provided the photographer does not locate themselves any nearer the front than the center of the worship center. Only time exposures may be taken during the ceremony. Flash photographs will be permitted as the couple comes up the aisle during the recessional. Videotaping of weddings is allowed. The photgrapher must be stationary during the ceremony and may not be located on the platform with the wedding party.