Austin Skyline Woodlawn Baptist Church


8:15am LifeGroup


Intergenerational: age 50+ - Rm A101

Adult 5: age 65+ - Rm A100



Fellowship Class: Lecture - Rm M103


10:30 Connection Fellowship

Meet in the Welcome Center


11:00am LifeGroup


The Late LifeGroup: All Ages - Rm M100

9:30am LifeGroup


Senior Adult Class: age 65+ - Rm A100

Adult 4: age 65+ - Rm M100

Single Adults: ages 40+ - West Hall

Encouragers: ages 40-50 (children at home and empty nesters) - Rm M203

New Median Adults: Almost Empty-Nest - Rm M102

Genesis: ages 30-40 (single and married adults) - Rm M103

Young Adults: ages 20's-30's  - Rm M201

College and Career: ages 18+ - Rm M105




Class Descriptions


8:15 Bible Study


Adult 5: Room A100 – Adult 5 is a Senior Adult group.  The majority of the group is retired.  This is an active group. The age ranges from 65 and up.

Director – Lynn Gustafson

Teachers – Lane Northcut

Ministry Leader - Velda Pederson


Intergenerational Class: Room A101 – This is an intergenerational class for Adults.

Director – Judy Bollom

Teachers – Karl Burkett, Evelyn McRae, Tim Bartlett


Fellowship Class:  ­M103 – This is a lecture only class.  All ages are welcome.

Director – Don Duncan

Teachers – Tom Cartwright, Pam Burnett, John Roberts



9:30 Bible Study


Single Adults: West Hall - This single adult class ranges from age 40 and up.

Director – Marty Bartz

Teachers – Yolanda Garrison, Marty Bartz


Senior Adult Class: A100 – This is a Senior Adult Department that includes senior adults from all age groups.  It also includes widowed, single, and married adults.

Directors – Eric Schultz

Teachers – Eric Schultz and Joe Jurgelwitz


Adult 4:  M100 – Retired or Nearly Retired class. The majority of this class is 65 +.

Directors – Helen Flores and Adelle Spell

Teachers – George Bowie and Susie Reed


Encouragers: M203 - Median Adults from their 40’s to their 50’s.  Some have children in school and some are empty nesters.

Director – Ron Rosbury

Teacher – Jon Mackey, Ron Rosbury


Median Adult Crossroads Class: M102 - Many in this class have children that they are attempting to launch. Meaning they have graduated from High School and they are helping their children become independent adults.

Director -- Terry Smith

Teacher -- Andy Andrasi and Laura Smith


Genesis – M103 - Adults from their mid 30’s to their 40’s.  Single and Married Adults attend.  Many have children that range from elementary to College.

Director – Lane and Andrea Northcut

Teacher – Jimmie Reed


Young Adults: M201 - Adults from their mid 20’s to their 30’s.  Many have children from children to elementary ages.  Single and Married Adults are welcome.    

Directors – Cindy Figer

Teachers – Cody Shouse, Shelly Allen


College and Career: M105 – College age adults who are either attending college full time or part time.  College age adults who are not attending college are welcome.

Leaders – Richard and Alicia Putman, Christi Mullen



10:30 Connection Fellowship

Take time to stop by the Welcome Center.  This is a great time to connect with those that go to a different Bible Study and Worship hour, and to greet and welcome our Guests. 



11:00 Bible Study


Late LifeGroup: Room M100 – This class is being started to reach the people that attend the traditional 9:30 worship and desire to attend a LifeGroup that meets after worship vs attending an 8:15 class.

Director – Landy and Cindy Haven

Teachers – John Prickett