About Us

Austin Skyline Woodlawn Baptist Church


There are three ways to join our church:

  • Transferring membership from another church.  In other words, if you are already a member of  Baptist church, we can send for your membership letter.
  • Joining by statement.  This means, that if you were a member of a different congregation and were baptized there, we do not require you be baptized again.  Just let us know, and we can accept you by "statement of faith." We will take your word for it.
  • Profession of faith and baptism. While we do not believe that baptism saves you, we do find in the New Testament that believers were always baptized.  We consider this essential for church membership.  You can come and be a part of all our ministries, but if you want to become a member of our congregation, we do have this requirement.  So unless you have already been baptized, we do require that you follow the Lord "in believers in baptism." 

If you have questions about this or other procedures feel free to contact us!